“Those projects were made for people with visual impairment and other special disabilities, with lots of love”

Oswaldo Loor Foundation

This Foundation is located in Manabi province in Ecuador, their dedicated work is with people that has visual impairment and others special needs, their site is:

The project that I developed was to do some designs in braille regarding themes of geography, mathematics and science, all the process that was made, started from researching about braille, how the map had to be printed and all the specifications involved until getting the product finished.

All the products were given to the Foundation in 2016, these products are: A multiplication table, the solar system, the layers of the Earth and 10 geography maps that cover all the 5 continents.

All the process is well detailed on the Academic Paper called “Más allá de la RSE para Personas con Discapacidad Visual”, in the followed link: and the translation is attached with all the documents.

Here are some images of the final products.

In the next link, I am enclosing an example of the designs that were made for this project.

Maps in Braille

Mariana de Jesús Foundation

This Foundation is located in Quito - Ecuador, their work is with people that has visual impairment as well as other special needs.

The project was developed during 2019, in this case, the products that were made were models with textures with the objective of creating a simulation of reality, for instance, how can a child feel the grass and know that is grass, or anything that belongs to his/her environment, these products were focus in to teach the children what form the objects have and the texture that comes with it. With my coworker, we decided to adapt some stories and the characters will be related to them, as an example the Little Red Riding Hood.

As I mention before, the products were finished on time, however, because of the pandemic situation that started on March 2020 here in Ecuador, we could not hand the products over to the Foundation.

Here are some images of the final products.

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